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Improving soil. Enriching lives. Meet a few of the people who make it happen.

Trent Whiting

Turf Operations Manager


(801) 866-7878

U.S. & International

Todd Scott

T&O Product Support Rep


(314) 602-5623

Midwest & Canada

Daniel McCann

T&O Product Support Rep


(210) 854-1130


Barry Bennett

T&O Product Support Rep


(229) 548-4653


Brad Caresia

Turfgrass Sod Production


(208) 312-6150


discover your growth potential with redox

The mission of Redox began in 1992. In many ways, it begins again every new season. Our roots are firmly embedded in the agriculture industry, the reason our knowledge and passion run so deep. The result is a collection of products and experts that help customers grow beyond what’s expected.

an agronomic focus

The focus of Redox is in four main areas—soil chemistry, plant nutrition, water & salinity management, and root strength. With this being the foundation of all we create, growers are discovering healthy plants and high crop yields with an environmentally responsible approach.

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The Redox Process

Through proprietary nutrient complexing and chelation, and a production process incorporating both chemistry and biotechnology, we offer solutions that are the most efficient in the industry. Each grower has unique requirements due to water and soil conditions, nutritional needs of a particular plant, and variations in climate. For this reason, we have developed an exceptional technical service system that derives the fertilization recommendations from highly advanced analysis of the soil, the plant, and careful follow-up during the growing cycle. With this information, our team provides site-specific solutions so our customers can grow beyond expectations.

Join our Team

We are always looking for a talented individuals to join the Redox Team.