Outstanding turf results based on agronomic science and balanced nutrition.

Redox is a market leader in plant and soil nutrition, producing a wide range of high-efficiency fertilizers for golf courses, turf and sod farms and ornamental markets.


Our unique turf and plant nutrition solutions have earned the trust of some of the world's most respected golf course superintendents and turf growers

An Approach Rooted in Nutrition

The focus of Redox Turf addresses growth requirements through six distinct areas – root development, oxidative stress, nitrogen management, salinity management, turf quality and moisture management.

Abiotic Stress Defense

Abiotic stress reduces turf performance. Biotic stress is always preceded by abiotic stress factors.

Root Development

Phosphorus, calcium, and soluble carbon require specific chemical reactions to maintain plant availability. Increased availability and solubility of these nutrients leads to improved quantity and quality of roots.

Soil Health

A healthy soil supports optimum soil biology and plant growth. Imbalances in soil chemistry, soil biology, or plant physiology lead to reduced soil health.

Turf Quality & Performance

Optimal turf quality and performance is essential for visual appeal and overall playing conditions.


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We do what we do knowing the unique challenges you face every day — the factors, the causes, and the ways to deliver an impressive solution. That’s why we’re here — to understand your challenges and deliver an effective program that solves them.


As many of you know, Redox has been certified ISO 9001 for its manufacturing processes for many years. It is now my privilege to announce...


As president of Redox Chemicals, LLC, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our updated web presence. We have taken a...

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With Redox TurfRx Fairway+ I’m able to get the color and health that is desired with much less nitrogen input and ever since we started using TurfRx PeneCal on fairways, we’ve been able to get golfers and cart traffic back on the course after rain a day earlier than before using the product.
TurfRx Supreme is a great product during the stress of the summer as it allows us to give the plant a well rounded package without adding excessive nitrogen. The results give us a long lasting residual color while still maintaining speeds and conditions in the heat of the summer.
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