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Redox is a market leader in plant and soil nutrition, producing a wide range of high-efficiency fertilizers for golf courses, turf and sod farms and ornamental markets.

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We do what we do knowing the unique challenges you face every day—the factors, the causes, and the ways to deliver an impressive solution. That’s why we’re here--to understand your challenges and deliver an effective program that solves them.


Our unique turf and plant nutrition solutions have earned the trust of some of the world's most respected golf course superintendents and turf growers

An Approach Rooted in Nutrition

The focus of Redox Turf addresses growth requirements through six distinct areas – root development, oxidative stress, nitrogen management, salinity management, turf quality and moisture management.

Root Development

Root system quality and quantity can be enhanced

Oxidative Stress

Turf is continuously subjected to both abiotic and biotic stress

Nitrogen Management

Improved nitrogen plant metabolism and efficiency benefits both the turf and the environment

Salinity Management

Salinity challenges can have a major impact on turf grass performance

Turf Quality

Obtaining optimal turf quality is essential to both turf visual appeal and playability

Moisture Management

Water chemistry, soil chemistry, and soil physical characteristics all contribute to the difficulty of properly hydrating the turf root zone


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